UK diaspora pat Centre for fight against COVID-19

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 April 2020 7:05 PM GMT
UK diaspora pat Centre for fight against COVID-19

Hyderabad: As many as 107 UK-based Indian diaspora groups in a statement commended the Indian government for the measures it has taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic. They also appealed to the Indian public to follow the government.

The letter of solidarity and appeal from the organizations, which represent millions of people of Indian origin in the UK, commended all individuals working tirelessly and often at high personal risk to save human life at the time of a crisis.

The letter said, the Indian government and states have taken many measures to alleviate the hardship of people during the lockdown.

“We salute the citizens of India for their patience, discipline and social consciousness at this testing time. We appeal to you all, sisters and brothers to continue to keep trust, keep strong and follow the continued advice and guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during these testing times. All of us in our respective countries share in the sufferings and stand united in our resolve to see the world through this crisis for a brighter and better tomorrow,” the letter reads.

The UK has so far recorded 93,873 confirmed Coronavirus cases. As many as 12,107 have lost their lives due to the pandemic in the UK.

There are thousands of Indians including students who are stranded in the UK due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Supreme Court on Monday, 13th April had observed that Indian citizens stranded in various countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic should "stay where they are" after the Centre said it would not be feasible to "selectively evacuate" those who want to return due to various reasons.

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