Wedding Mehndi: 20 Trending Bridal Mehendi Designs for 2021

Find bridal Mehndi designs across traditions and cultures for a contemporary manifestation. Here are 20 classy dulhan mehandi designs that resonate with different tastes.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 March 2020 9:41 AM GMT
Wedding Mehndi: 20 Trending Bridal Mehendi Designs for 2021

When you define the auspiciousness of wedding events, you reflect on the traditional essence at the back of your head. Think of intricate design elements, floral or geometric patterns that adorn would your palms on your wedding. Bridal mehndi designs have evolved over the years, blending traditionalism and art. When you approach the big day, you would love to look unique. Here, we present you with some new bridal mehndi designs that would be relevant in 2020. You might love minimalist design or want to get your feet and hands designed with extravagance! Read on to explore the latest bridal mehndi designs that would complete your look.

Traditionally, people tend to get creative when it comes to mehendi designs. Across cultures, the art of drawing mehndi has shown some interesting trends. This post compiled Arabic bridal mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs, Pakistani bridal mehndi designs, and other contemporary bridal Mehendi images.

20 Latest Dulhan Mehndi Designs:

1. Floral Design Foot Mehendi with Peacock Motif:

bridal mehndi design 2021

Floral wedding mehndi on foot is popular in several cultures. To infuse a romantic essence, this design involves a peacock motif in the middle. It has got an intricate net-like design, as the pattern rises up the ankle. This is among the latest foot mehndi design for weddings.

2. Peacock Arabic Henna Design:

bridal mehndi design images

Although Arabic bridal mehndi found its inception in the Gulf nations, it features in cross-cultural art forms. One of the reasons to settle for this trend is the flexibility in the design process. Merely a change in position can help you customize the mehndi design as per the occasion. In case you are looking for beautiful bridal henna designs, you should try out this peacock mehendi. The palms look appealing, although you simply draw peacocks and flowers, some of the most common elements of modern bridal mehndi.

3. Indo-Arabic Mehendi Design:

Simple dulhan mehndi designs

While exploring contemporary bridal mehndi designs, you would come across Indo-Arabic patterns. Given that Arabic bridal mehndi designs have already been trending in India, you can try and come up with a fusion of both these art forms.

This mehendi design mostly features standard motifs. The shapes and dots, however, are heavier than the ones you come across in other designs. The intricate network in the fingers makes them look compelling.

4. Mehendi Design with Tattoo Style:

bridal mehndi designs for hands

Several modern bridal mehndi designs resonate with the popularity of tattoos. In these bridal mehndi images, you will notice the impact of tattoos on the fluff motifs. This is a relatively new design that you can draw on your arms and neck. Check out some of the best bridal mehndi designs, along with the variants.

Apart from the ones presented here, you may also infuse certain Western elements in these designs. Besides, one can put on these tattoo-styled mehendi both in the hands and on the feet.

5. Patterned Shoe Mehendi:

beautiful bridal mehndi design

This is one of the latest bridal mehndi designs for feet, that replicates handmade, ethnic shoes. When you want to focus more on aesthetics, you can turn to this design. It conveys the traditional essence with just a singular vine seamlessly.

In this bridal mehandi design photo, you would notice the sandal straps and other elements encircling the ankle, as it rises towards the knee. This is one of the best feet best mehndi designs for bridal occasions.

6. Feet Mehendi with Shaded Lotuses:

bridal mehndi designs for legs

A beautiful bridal foot mehndi design; indeed, this art involves geometric lines and shaded lotuses, which makes the feet look elegant. You will also find flowy leaves in this design, adding to the simplicity of this mehndi. A compelling beauty to cherish, have a look at the intricate detailing on the toes. This is a comparatively more complex art form, and you would need more time to complete this pattern.

7. Bracelet-type Full Hand Mehendi:

Bracelet Type Full Hand Mehendi

If you are looking for full hand bridal mehndi designs, you cannot possibly miss this out. This is an Arabic mehndi design for brides, blended with contemporary art forms. The design looks majestic, particularly with the bracelet-like design that signifies a bond with your partner. In case you are looking for ethnic appeal, go for this full hand bridal mehndi. It also has a tribal-tattoo like appeal that makes the design unique.

8. Front and Back-hand Mehendi:

Front And Back Hand Mehendi

When you look out for an Indo-Western blend in full hand mehndi designs for brides, try out this design. Shroud the front and back areas of your hands with a pleasing aesthetic appeal with this design.

In this particular design of mehndi bridal, you will come across big explications, with a greater number of lines. Besides, this design carries a little Gulf influence. However, you may call it a Westernized modification of Arabic mehndi. This is among the most challenging bridal mehndi designs for full hands to draw, as you need to maintain the alignment on all the occasions.

9. Latticed Floral Set:

Latticed Floral Set

Think of modern wedding mehndi designs, and you will love this latticed floral pattern on your palms. What makes this particular design interesting is the presence of both geometric lines and floral elements in the pattern. This is among the latest mehndi designs for brides and carries an Arabic touch. Along with the appropriate jewellery, this design can give you an aristocratic look.

In this bridal mehndi design, the flower blooms to its fullest in the wrist and base. In the end, you have buds, that makes it a great combination.

10. Rangoli Bridal Mehendi:

Rangoli Bridal Mehendi

In case you are looking for an Arabic touch to mehndi designs for the hands of brides, this design would be easy to draw. The pattern is round and resembles rangoli design to a certain extent. However, this design is ideal for the back of your palm. An Arabic essence is also evident in the strokes on your fingers.

In this bridal mehndi design, the rangoli element adds to the welcoming appeal or festive celebration. Brides looking for the latest mehndi designs for wedding may get this one embedded in their hands.

11. Backhand Full Mehendi Design:

Backhand Full Mehendi Design

Well, you may be looking for Indian bridal mehndi designs, covering full hands. This would be the design to pick, given that you can also get this pattern embedded during family functions or other celebrations. You will love the traditional appeal of this Indian bridal mehndi. This design would go well with the back of your hands, giving you a classic look.

In this mehndi designs bridal for full hands, you have more intricate designs. Filling up the empty areas would add to your appeal. Most of the design elements include fluff patterns, like leaves and spots.

12. Simple Bridal Henna with Arabic Touch:

Simple Bridal Henna With Arabic Touch

This bridal mehndi image speaks for the elegance in design, that would adorn your palms and wrists. Yet another Arabic mehendi style, you can put it on both the front and back of your hands. In case you are seeking detailed mehndi designs for brides, rich in complexity, this one would be the right pick for you.

This mehndi design for a wedding includes leaves, spots, shapes, circles, and leaves. Well, these elements may appear easy to draw, but you need to work on the details and come up with a neat design.

13. Elegant Arabic Mehandi for Feet:

Elegant Arabic Mehandi For Feet

One of the most unique wedding mehndi designs for feet; this art carries an Arabic essence. Mainly, you would notice a lace effect close to the foot. The design carries some bold patterns, and if you have a clean complexion, you can go for this design.

The twirls and swirls make this pattern authentic, particularly with the floral elements on your lower leg. Besides, other elements fill the blocks in this mehndi wedding design.

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14. Floral Vine Mehendi Design:

Floral Vine Mehendi Design

In this bridal mehndi photo, you will notice the simple design, keeping the back of your palm clean. The design elements in this bridal mehndi cover your fingers and wrist.

This is a relatively new bridal mehndi design for Indian weddings, where you can design your hands with mesh elements. It consists of vine designs, and a few flowers, that makes your hands look neat. In case you are looking for sophisticated henna bridal mehndi designs, you may try this out.

15. Knuckle Rings Mehendi Designs:

Knuckle Rings Mehendi Designs

When you explore the latest wedding mehndi designs for hands, this design will captivate your attention. Mainly, when you look out for minimalistic bridal mehndi designs for Indian weddings, this one is worth trying out.

Here, the henna covers your knuckle rings, while the back of your palm remains relatively neat. Again, the mehendi covers your wrists like a bracelet, along with leaves and other floral elements. This mehndi design for bridal occasions is the perfect one for occasions.

16. Leafy Lattice Mehendi Design for Feet:

Leafy Lattice Mehendi Design For Feet

This is one of the best bridal mehndi designs for feet. Coming out of the traditional art of straight architectural lines, you have other lace and lattice elements to explore. This one finds its place in the list of feet mehndi design for the bridal collection.

Have a look at those elegant, heavy strokes of mehndi. You may associate Victorian pieces of art in the laces. Besides, the leaves in this beautiful bridal mehndi design stick closely to each other. In addition to your arms and wrists, this bridal design mehndi would add to your splendor.

17. Arabic Mehendi Design with Twist:

Arabic Mehendi Design With Twist

If you are looking for Indian mehndi designs for wedding photos along with Arabic elements, you should consider this one. What's impressive with this design is its compatibility with both traditional and Indo-Western dresses. People willing to go for bridal mehndi designs for full hands would love this one!

This mehndi design looks incredibly appealing, and it infuses traditionalism with modernism. Check out the pictures of bridal mehndi designs for full hands that come with a dual liner. In this mehndi design for wedding occasions, you would notice pointed petals, rather than the rounded ones.

18. Dark Mehendi Design for Full Hands:

Dark Mehendi Design For Full Hands

Another elegant full hand design for bridal mehandi, this design would blow your mind. Although the motifs are common, you need to incorporate more variants in the leaves and simple lines. Besides, the floral elements and leaves in this design of bridal mehndi look bigger.

When you explore the latest bridal mehndi design, you will notice an asymmetry existing in the design patterns. This is precisely what the new bridal mehndi carries. In this bridal mehndi design image, you would notice that not all the fingers have the same proportion of henna.

19. Floral Arabic Mehendi Design:

Floral Arabic Mehendi Design

When you try to be innovative in mehndi designs on your wedding occasion, you can go for this blend of elegance and bold design. Particularly, the beautiful art around the fingers and wrists make this design a nice pick. This has an Arabic influence to a certain extent, while you can easily draw the lines. The design looks clean, while you have a wide range of elements to incorporate on your palms.

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20. Mehendi Design with Massive Spots:

People looking for a simple and fast mehndi design for the bride should try out this one. The dots in this design look bold and conspicuous. This is a simple mehndi design with an Arabic influence in it, that can enhance your appeal on the big day. The large spots on your palm would resemble the light follicles prominently. In case you are looking for the latest mehndi designs for the wedding, you might try this out.

In this post, we have covered several variants of bridal mehandi designs, along with their respective images. However, creativity finds its own way out, and you can always come up with unique ideas while crafting designs of mehndi for brides.

With this, we wind up this list of bridal mehndi designs. You would love the beautiful patterns for hands, ankle, feet, not to mention the tattoo-styled designs. Besides, you might also be interested in Pakistani bridals mehndi designs for hands. Check out the latest bridal mehndi pics or get a bridal mehndi design book, where you can discover the latest trends dominating the industry.

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