The Ultimate Checklist for Indian Wedding Receptions

In this article, we have provided a checklist of wedding reception planning ideas to help you plan well in advance.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 Dec 2020 6:12 AM GMT
Indian wedding reception checklist ideas

With the wedding bells ringing louder and the D-day coming sooner, the stress levels can wreck your nerves! Even a simple, family-only wedding is often followed by a lavish reception that needs a lot of planning and preparation. In a stressful time like this, you tend to forget many important things that can ruin your D-Day.

Save yourself from last-minute fire-fighting by going through this useful checklist of wedding reception ideas! From deciding the venue to paying attention to minute details like return gifts, seating, etc., we've listed all the key points you require to make your reception one of the best events of your life!

Ultimate Checklist for Indian Wedding Receptions:

Go through this list of essentials and keep ticking off the items as you finish them!Use your extra time to spend quality time with your loved ones, than in running around places.

1. Decide Your Budget:

You really can't spend all your savings on just a wedding reception, can you? There are other important elements of a wedding like jewellery purchase, honeymoon, photoshoots etc. which need a fair amount of money. So, plan your budget and decide how much you want to spend on this event. Make a rough breakdown on must-have things and good to have things to know what to go ahead with and what to cut down. This way, you won't overshoot your budget.

2. Finalise the Guest List:

Planning your guest list well in advance can simplify a lot of matters for you! Any vendor that you approach will ask a common question – "How many guests are you expecting?" You and your partner can discuss with your respective families and sort out the guest-list. You can put an additional 20-30 numbers as a buffer for those obligatory last-minute invitations.

It's also better to send an RSVP to your guests to know how many of them will really turn out on the day!

3. Pick the Right Venue:

Unless it's your private garden or backyard, most popular wedding venues in the city go out of bookings in the peak season. So, plan ahead of time and block the venue that fits your budget. Also, keep the season and the average weather conditions in mind before you take a call. For instance, if it is a wet season, you might want to avoid outdoor garden areas and choose an indoor hall instead.

Also, keep in mind the number of guests coming before making advance payment. The venue should neither be too large nor too compact for the number of people you planned. For more interesting destination weddings, you can also try beach resorts, palace hotels etc.

4. E-Cards or Printed Invites?

Are you planning for a reception that adheres to the 'new normal' way of living? Then go for e-cards, as you will not be able to hand out printed invites personally. Not only are e-cards affordable and sustainable, but also allows you to personalize the name and messages for everyone. Hire an expert designer who can translate your idea of a dream reception into a visual invitation card.

5. Choose a Good Caterer:

Catering is a crucial part of planning for a wedding reception. It's always better to find out if the venue you choose provides an in-house catering service. If yes, do they serve the cuisine you are looking for? Can they take up specific food requirements like vegetarian, vegan etc. for some of your special guests? Also, do a sampling of their food before roping them to know about their quality and taste. After all, to make your guests happy, you need to serve great food!

Do ask them for the menu options and meal packages that include a welcome drink, snacks, tea & coffee, etc.

6. Think of a Theme for Decoration:

Here comes the most challenging aspect of your reception planning! Nothing can create lasting memories other than a beautifully decorated venue. It's always recommended to decide a basic theme of your event like floral, colors, Indian, English, etc., to help your decorator narrow down his ideas. Just a few days before the event, you can have a mock setup of the ambience, tables etc., to ensure your expectations are closer to reality.

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7. Ideate the Stage setup and Backdrop Designs:

The stage is a center spot of your venue setup and the place where the bride & groom get all the attention. To make it worthy of all the photographs, you also need a beautiful backdrop on the stage. Keep in mind the color of your outfits, overall theme and the time of the event before deciding on a design. You can use floral elements, drapes, mirrors, decorative props etc., along with a table and a statement couch for you to sit on.

8. Choose Beautiful Table Decor and Center Pieces:

Don't let the tables look dull and boring! Instead, decorate them well using neat, elegant table spreads, chair decors and some interesting centerpieces. If you have budget constraints, then simply use some elegant flower vases and candles to add a romantic touch to your venue.

9. Plan for Entertainment Events:

You cannot let your guests get bored while you get busy with other preparations! So, keep them entertained all throughout the event by hiring some event managers, mehndi designers, thotha-wala, portrait and tattoo artists, singers, group dancers and even a selfie photo-booth. This way, you and your guests are sure to have a gala of a time!

10. Hire a Professional Photographer:

Photographs are a great way to freeze the best moments of your time and relive them in the future. Make sure the photographer you are hiring for the event has good experience in handling large crowds, can shoot even at night/outdoors and has advanced equipment like drones for some breathtaking shots. It's good to have a single vendor to take up photo and videography services for better co-ordination.

11. Select Your Reception Outfits:

Do you and your partner wish to wear co-ordinated outfits? If yes, then fix up and appointment with the designer well-in-advance to decide on the color scheme, the design, embroidery, patterns and accessories. Make sure you do a dress trial before the event to make any corrections related to fittings, embellishments etc.

12. Shortlist Your Jewellery Options:

Jewellery is an essential part of your overall look and needs special care and attention to shortlist it. You must pick the right jewellery that suits your outfit and even the venue setup from a larger perspective. Temple gold jewellery goes well with Silk sarees, while diamonds complement your printed sarees or lehengas. Men can try some statement neck pieces and brooches.

13. Hire a Makeup and Hair Artist:

We all dream of looking nothing but the best on our D-day! With all the eyes on you and your spouse, it's wise to rope in a makeup artist who can bring out the best in you. Again, you must do a trial to know if the products or shades suit your complexion and the lighting during the event. Not paying attention to these things can give you a ghostly appearance! Do take expert advice for suggestions on the kind of hairstyle you envision with your reception outfit.

14. Arrange for Guest Accommodation:

If it is a destination wedding reception or you have a large number of out-station guests, arranging for suitable accommodation is a must! While it better to have some rooms reserved within the venue campus, you can also book nearby hotels to accommodate additional people. Do check for real-time reviews on the quality and service of the place before zeroing it.

15. Pick Memorable Return Gifts:

A return gift is a nice way of saying thanks to your guests for taking their precious time to make your event memorable. Instead of giving things that end up in the storage room, you can gift them some useful items like coasters, jewellery boxes, cutlery or snack hampers. Personalized gifts with your names and the date of the event printed on them add a special touch.

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So folks! These are the basic items in your wedding reception checklist that you must follow! Do start your planning atleast one or two months ahead of the date to avoid last minute rush. Keep the last one or two weeks to enjoy a relaxing massage therapy or facial treatments to look radiant on the final day!
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