Bridal Makeup: 22 Must-Know Tips for Indian Brides 2021

Getting married? Here are 22 Best Bridal Makeup tips which can totally elevate your look on the D-day!

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 Jan 2021 6:40 AM GMT
Indian bridal makeup tips

Your wedding day is just around the corner and your dreams of looking like the "most beautiful bride" ever are soon to get realized. You will be mobbed by the photographers (and amateur selfie-masters) to get the perfect click of you. So, it's important to make sure that you look absolutely flawless and radiant, which can be achieved with a combination of proper prepping of skin and right makeup techniques.

In this article, we have listed 22Indian Bridal Makeup Tips to avoid any beauty glitches on your wedding day. Follow them to the T and get ready to be overwhelmed with compliments!

22 Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for Weddings:

Look picture-perfect on your D-day by following these expert-recommended bridal makeup tips:

1. Understand the Season:

It's important to understand the possible weather conditions of your wedding month. Depending on whether it is a summer, monsoon or winter wedding, you can plan your bridal look accordingly. For instance, if you anticipate hot weather, then go for light and natural makeup. Monsoon brides must go for water-proof makeup, while winter brides must go for a full coverage, long lasting makeup.

2. C-T-M Before the Makeup Session:

Start with cleansing your skin with a mild, foam based cleanser. Follow it up with a toner to close the open pores and finish it with a light-weight moisturizer to suit your skin type. Exfoliation is highly recommended a day before to remove unnecessary texture on your face.

3. Use a Primer:

Professional makeup artists swear by this product! A primer can create a smooth, polished canvas on your skin to hold your makeup for a long time. It blurs out the open pores, lightens blemishes and adds an even tone. Just squeeze some primer on the back of your hand, mix it with your fingers and apply as dots on your face and dab it well to get a blurry effect.

4. Select a true shade foundation:

Here is where most brides go terribly wrong! Selecting the wrong shade of foundation can not only make you look unnatural but also give a ghostly look. When buying the foundation, request the seller to apply a tester on the jawline to know whether it blends well with your natural skin tone or not. If you find a whitecast, you are buying the wrong shade. Avoid buying foundations with SPF to avoid the "flash".

5. Use a Color Corrector:

Color correctors are miracle products that coverup your complexion issues. If you have redness, use green corrector, go for orange corrector to hide your dark circles, peach to conceal dark circles in fair tones and purple to cover up dullness. However, you need to blend these products really fast as they tend to dry up quickly.

6. Create a Base with Foundation:

Once the color correctors are blended well, you can now create a base using a foundation. You can pick from double wear, liquid-based, cream-based, stick or cushion foundation depending on the time and location of the event. Use a round brush or a wet sponge to gently build the product on your skin. Make sure there are no uneven patches near the forehead and jawline.

7. Conceal Those Blemishes:

If you are not using a color corrector, then pick a concealer that is one or two tones lighter for your eyes and a matching shade for your face. You can draw an inverted "V" under your eyes and blend it well with a sponge to hide puffiness and dark circles. For your face, just apply a small amount of the product on the dark spots and even it out with a brush.

8. Ace the Baking technique:

Once you apply a concealer, you can use some loose powder to achieve a crease-free look. This process is called "baking" in makeup terms. For best results, you can use a damp sponge to apply loose powder and let it sit under the eye area for a few minutes. Just brush off the excess product.

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9. Contour it right!

Ever wondered how celebrities manage to get a perfectly sculpted face? Well, the secret lies in perfect contouring. You can choose a shade that is 3-4 times darker than your natural skin tone. Depending on your face shape, you can apply this product diagonally on the cheek bone, over the forehead, chin and nose to get the right definition. Blend the harsh lines well to look natural.

10. Bronzer for a Sun-Kissed Look:

Are you planning for beach wedding? Then fake a tan with the help of a bronzer. Simply pick some product with a brush and apply it on your cheeks, forehead to get a naturally sun-kissed look. However, don't go overboard with the product as it can darken your complexion.

11. Look Pretty with a Blush:

If the warmth of a bronzer is not for you, then get some peachy tones with a blush. The technique is the same but the color palatte is on the lighter side. You can pick from a range of shades like light pink, coral, apricot etc. depending on your natural complexion.

12. Focus on the Eyes:

Eyes are the most expressive parts of your face which you cannot ignore. So, make sure you get rid of puffiness, eye bags, sleepiness etc. using a facial roller. Apply some under eye serum to look awake and fresh. Apply a base coat on the lids to prepare them for eye makeup.

13. Use Eye Shadows:

When using eye shadows, remember not to go overboard with the colors. Too many shades on your eye can spoil the look and give a garish appearance. The lightest shade of the color can go on the brow bone, the next light shade on the lid and the darker shade on the crease and the outer lid. You can also use a metallic eye shadow as a highlighter. Don't forget to blend all the colors well to create a natural ombre effect.

14. Shape your Eyebrows:

Get rid of excess hair on your eyebrows with a threading session. If you have very thin brows, use a brow pencil to thicken them. Using a thin brush, fill the areas with natural hair color using gentle upward strokes to mimic brow hair. Highlight the borders with a concealer to hide any flaws.

15. Practice Drawing the Eyeliner:

Eyeliner can enhance the shape of your eye and adds an attractive look to your overall face. However, it is easy to mess up with this product by drawing too thin or too thick lines. Practice with a light pencil and apply dots along the lash line. Connect these dots by drawing a line and extend it beyond the tip and fill it with thick lines for a winged look. Once you master it, you can use gel or liquid eyeliner for a glossy effect.

16. Create Lush Lashes with Mascara:

Whether you are going for fake lashes or your natural ones, brushing them with some mascara makes all the difference. Mascara can elongate the lashes and make them look voluminous. Just place the mascara wand under your lashes and wiggle it as you move up. Overdoing this product leads to stiff, ugly looking lashes. So, be cautious with the amount you take.

17. Prep up your Lips:

If your lips look too dry and chappy, they are not ready for a lipstick yet! Use a lip scrub like sugar and rose water to buff away the dead cells. Apply some lip balm to soften them. You can also use a lip primer to get rid of creases and fine lines.

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18. Define your Lips with a Pencil:

Use a lip pencil in the same shade as your lipstick to create a perfect lip shape. You must sharpen the pencil well before drawing the lines for achieving a neat finish. Filling the inner space can create a plumpy look.

19. Use Transfer-Proof Lipsticks:

You don't want to leave lipstick stains on glasses and clothes, do you? So, choose a transfer-proof, long lasting lipstick in deeper shades like maroon, dark pink etc. For day events, you can choose some light colors like baby pink, peach, nude etc. Remember to dab off the excess product with a tissue paper.

20. Apply a High-Shine Lip Gloss:

If you want a matte finish, skip this step! However, we feel shiny lips look good on a bride. So, applying some lip gloss as a finishing step is highly recommended. Reapply the product every 2-3 hours to keep the shine on!

21. Highlight the Key Areas:

Highlighter is a light-reflecting product that can define and enhance the shape of your face. Use a brush or your fingers to apply a small amount of this product on the tip of your nose, along the contouring lines of your cheeks, chin, cupid's brow and eyebrows.

22. Finish it off with a Mist Spray:

As a finishing touch, spray some setting spray all over your face to keep the makeup intact for longer time. Hold the can at an arm's distance from your face, close your eyes and gently spray the product. Allow it to dry naturally to look fresh for a long time.

Those are some of the basic bridal makeup tips to help you get started! If you are not too keen on a DIY on your wedding day, then hire a professional makeup artist and request them for a trial makeup session. Also, invest in some good brands which may be pricey, but are worth every penny for the final output they deliver!

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