15 Best Dry Fruits That Help You Lose Weight

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 Feb 2020 12:12 PM GMT
15 Best Dry Fruits That Help You Lose Weight

You can now reduce weight naturally without crazy diets! Dry fruits can do the magic for you. Dry fruits for weight loss! Yes! Dried fruits have healthy fats and are rich in nutrients. They promote early satiety, and this is one of the prime weight loss initiators because dry fruits create a feeling of fullness. They also act as appetite suppressants and keep hunger pangs away!

15 Best Dried Fruits and Nuts for Weight Loss:

1. Dried Apricots:

Want to shed some extra flab? Snack on some delicious dried apricots. It is an appetite suppressant that can keep your hunger at bay. This helps you move quickly towards achieving your weight loss goal. They have a lot of nutrients and dietary fiber that make it an ideal low-fat dry fruit. It is easy to carry them with you when you are on the go. They are low in calories, which makes it an ideal snack to indulge in and best among dried fruits for weight loss.

2. Dates:

We all know that they are rich in iron and that they combat anemia. Not many are aware that they make a healthy snacking option too. They contain a healthy dose of fiber. They provide early satiety, and this is exceptionally vital in promoting weight loss as it keeps hunger pangs and cravings away. It is easy to consume and does not require any preparation and one of the perfect dry fruits for fat loss. It is convenient to carry a packet of dates and consume whenever you feel hungry, and this is important, especially when you are hard-pressed for time.

3. Pistachios:

Weight loss becomes easy with this tasty green nut. Pistachio is known to be a source of good health for years. We are all aware of its innumerable benefits as it controls blood sugar and boosts our metabolism. It gives you a feeling of fullness, preventing you from reaching out for the nearest packet of unhealthy snacks. This delicious nut speeds up the process of weight loss. They are low in calories and are very nutritious. Nothing can be simpler than making this nut a welcome addition to your diet to help in achieving weight loss.

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4. Prunes:

We are all familiar with this dry fruit traditionally suggested for constipation. Being rich in dietary fiber, they effectively help to eliminate toxins from our body. This makes it a vital dry fruit that facilitates weight loss as it gets rid of the waste from our body. They help to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and are incredibly nutritious. This is one of the fat-burning dry fruits that promote weight loss.

5. Raisins:

This is a commonly used dry fruit that we are all aware of and use in our sweet dishes. It is a sweet treat that can instantly satisfy our sweet cravings. This dry fruit is full of healthy natural sugar. It is a wonderful weight-loss snack that takes care of our hunger needs. It keeps our blood sugar levels under control. Raisins aid in healthy digestion, boost our metabolism and keep us from feeling hungry for a long time, thus making it ready favorite for all.

6. Cashew Nuts:

When trying to lose weight, this curved-shaped cashew nut makes a delicious choice for promoting weight loss and has a lovely buttery taste to it. This is one of the healthy dry fruits for weight loss and keeps you feeling full for a long time, suppresses hunger, and aids weight loss. They are rich in nutrition. It is a tasty nut that is liked by most people and is suitable for heart health. Being rich in magnesium regulates the metabolism of fat. This light-coloured nut is a favorite for both the young and the old.

Healthy Dry Fruits for Weight Loss

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7. Almonds:

These nuts are good to eat every day, and all of us are aware of it's umpteen benefits. We have been told countless times during our childhood about the benefits of this nut, be it for our skin, hair, or general health. They are ideal as a pre-workout snack and a good option being low in calories. This nut boosts metabolism and is rich in healthy fiber. They are suitable as an effective weight loss option as they reduce hunger pangs.

8. Walnuts:

A handful of these nuts can set us on the path of healthy weight loss. They take care of our overall health and give us healthy fats that work great on our skin and hair. These nuts aid in stimulating easy digestion, keep heart disease, and dementia at bay. Those who do not eat seafood can safely supplement by adding this nut to their diet. They aid in quicker weight reduction by keeping the hunger pangs away and work great on belly fat. The omega 3 fatty acids it contains, give the body all the nutrition it needs.

9. Hazelnuts:

Losing weight can be difficult for some of us, but with the help of these nuts, you can experience effective weight loss. They keep you feeling full for a longer time. This prevents us from unhealthy snacking habits. The nuts are rich in dietary fiber and have healthy fats in them. The best thing is that it is a tasty nut and can you can munch on it as a healthy snack. They help us stay off high-calorie food and promote healthy weight loss.

10. Brazil nuts:

This creamy-flavored nut is an all-time favorite for most of us. They contain L-arginine that works wonders to burn fat. These nuts speed up our metabolism, which in turn works towards weight loss. The nuts contain palmitoleic acid and oleic acid that help us maintain healthy cholesterol levels. The nuts are highly nutritious and play a vital role in preventing different types of cancer. One must exercise caution while including these nuts in their diet. Ensure that you consume this nut in moderate amounts as excess selenium can cause other complications health-wise.

11. Figs:

Adding these to your diet is aiming at a healthy way of losing weight and works best on belly fat. They are high in nutrients and can be eaten either fresh or raw. They have high fiber content and works best on our digestion with an enzyme it contains. It accelerates the process of weight loss. They help in burning calories. Whenever you crave to eat something sweet, you can always suppress the sugar craving with this dry fruit. They boost our metabolism, which is vital for weight loss. Being low in calories, they are excellent as a healthy snack.

12. Blackberry:

They are low in calories, and this makes it a great snack when we want to lose weight. People add them to smoothies, jams, puddings, etc. It has a sweet flavor to it and is high in antioxidants. They help to remove toxins from our body, thus making it useful in taking care of our gut health. This dry fruit is chewy and rich in nutrients. It also helps boosts immunity in our bodies.

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13. Pine Nuts:

Pine nuts are useful in weight loss because of the pinolenic acid it contains. It suppresses hunger and thereby aids weight loss. Though they are rich in fat, when eaten in moderation, they help in weight loss and work wonderfully well as an appetite suppressant. These nuts have other benefits, such as taking care of heart and eye health, rich in iron, and anti-aging. The nuts give us a boost of energy that makes it a welcome snack to carry with us.

14. Black Currants:

These are similar to raisins. They are naturally low in sugar and rich in dietary fiber. They work wonderfully well as pre-workout snacks. It is a convenient go-to snack for kids as they have a relatively low level of sugar. They are high in nutrition, and two types are available, sweet and sour. These currants are used to make oil for treating digestive issues. They can also be used for several other health conditions. They are high in antioxidants and work best on obesity, heart health, etc. They are anti-inflammatory and reduce oxidative stress.

15. Pecan Nuts:

No one can resist this buttery flavored nut that is related to the walnut family. This pricey nut takes care of our heart health and aids in digestion. It helps us with weight loss by boosting our metabolism. Even though it contains a lot of fats, yet it promotes weight loss. The oleic acid in it gives us a feeling of fullness that keeps hunger away. It looks after our gut health, boosts our immunity, has anti-ageing, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dry fruits and nuts are great as snacks, especially when you are on the move and travelling. Just a handful of dry fruits will go a long way in preventing you from reaching out for unhealthy, high-calorie snacks. Ensure you eat in moderation as excessive consumption may lead to an increase in sugar levels.

Now that you know how to lose weight just by replacing your snacks with dry fruits satisfy your snack cravings and also shed some flab! Let us know about your experiences!

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