GM Diet: The Ultimate Hack to Lose Weight in a Week

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 March 2020 8:16 AM GMT
GM Diet: The Ultimate Hack to Lose Weight in a Week

Have you tried all possible remedies to burn the flabby fats but disappointed? Well! It's time to give the gm diet a chance! Health enthusiasts and fitness freaks often consider gm diet as an urban myth. this post will explore what the gm diet plan is all about, along with its benefits and side effects.

The general motors diet plan involves consuming of a particular set of food items each day for a week. You can lose 10 to 15 pounds in a week if you stick to the gm diet chart.

General Motors Corporation supposedly created the gm diet plan menu in 1985 for its employees. Presently, the gm motors diet happens to be the most common low-carb diet for people worldwide. Along with low-calorie items, the general motors diet focuses on the intake of complex carbs, and increased water consumption.

When you stick to the gm motors diet plan, your menu would include only brown rice, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and a few other items.

How Does the GM Diet Ensure Weight Loss?

The GM diet promotes weight loss in several ways.

  • People get to consume more vegetables and fruits, which are low in calories and healthy.
  • The menu does not include processed food items with added sugar.
  • It minimizes the daily calorie intake in the body.

No refined carbohydrates get into your system when you follow the gm diet meal plan.

Advantages of GM Diet you should Know:

Often, gaining extra weight proves harmful for your body. One of the best gm diet benefits is eliminating this stressful and toxic element from your system. Besides, this diet enhances the functions of your body in several other ways.

  • The gm diet enhances the capacity of your body to burn fat.
  • It enhances the process of digestion.
  • It eliminates the impurities and toxins from the body.
  • You can lose up to 6.8 Kg of weight in a week.
  • Gm diet also enhances the appearance and quality of your skin.
  • It helps in curing constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Following the gm diet food chart, you can detoxify your body.
  • It enhances the rate of metabolism and fosters better digestion.
  • This diet can also relieve you from stress and help in relaxing your mind.
  • Lastly, you get a variety of food as a part of the gm menu diet.

An Overview of the GM diet Plan: How it Works?

The principle-based on which gm diet works is that you only consume the calories that would burn down additional calories stored in the form of fat. As your body gets rid of this excess fat, you feel relaxed and lighter. This diet plan also removes the toxins from your system, enhancing the functions in the process efficiently. The menu includes food items capable of improving the functions of the human system.

Most importantly, the gm diet plan chart is flexible enough. Some people may have specific preferences and food restrictions. However, you get to consume some food or the other from each category. In order to lose weight and promote detoxification, you need to drink around eight glasses of water a day. As this fulfills the daily requirement of this fluid, the body does not retain excess water. In case you are suffering from gastric reflexes, irritable bowel movement, or constipation, you can benefit from the gm diet plan.

GM Diet Plan for Vegetarians:

The regular GM diet plan includes some non-vegetarian items like meat, fish, and beef. Therefore, vegetarians need to follow a slightly different strategy for the fifth and sixth days. The gm diet for vegetarians remains the same, as for non-vegetarians. Vegans often substitute dairy items with almond milk and soy. Although this chart does not contain meat, it includes other things that offer the same type of nutrition.

People willing to stick to a healthier lifestyle often want to keep out eggs and meat from their system. They, too, opt for the vegetarian version of the gm diet.

If you are planning to follow the gm diet plan for weight loss, make sure to stop consuming alcohol three to four days before commencing with this plan. In order to compensate for the meat and beef, you need to include extra proteins. Consume cottage cheese or beans so that you can make up for this deficit.

Following the vegan menu also keeps away the gm diet side effects, making the body lighter. However, you need not compromise in terms of nutrition intake.

GM Diet Plan for Non-Vegetarians:

The non-veg gm diet plan is the original one that the GM Corporation had proposed. In western countries, most people follow this plan. However, in India, people in specific demographics do not consume beef. They stick to the Indian gm diet plan, where they substitute beef with meat and other vegetarian items.

The fish, beef, and chicken find their way to your GM diet plan after the first four days. However, this kind of stuff boosts your energy levels. Interestingly, non-vegetarian people following this diet plan often find lesser options in terms of quantity. However, the choices they get are far more fulfilling, as vegetarians often have to stick to lentil soup and beans. However, when you follow the non-veg version, your body needs more workouts and water to balance out the food intake.

7 Days Gm Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Following the 7 Days GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss:

Here, we have presented the gm diet food list, based on what you should be consuming each day during the week.

GM Diet Day 1 (Fruits):

On the first day of your GM diet, you need to consume a variety of fruits. Have a look at the gm diet fruit list here.

  • Breakfast: Have one bowl of berries (mixed), or an apple of medium size.
  • Snack: Have an orange or a bowl of cantaloupe.
  • Lunch: For lunch, you need to have a bowl of watermelon.
  • Evening snacks: Simply have an orange.
  • Dinner: One bowl of kiwi or pear would do.
  • After Dinner: One bowl of berries (mixed) would be fine.

On the first day, it would be wise to consume muskmelons and watermelons due to their high fiber content. However, you may also include oranges, papaya, and apples in the diet. Make sure to consume around 12 glasses of water on the first day. Drinking plenty of water removes the toxins, preparing your system for the diet.

Moreover, make sure that you do not starve yourself during this plan. In case you are hungry, you may intake any of the fruits mentioned above.

These items are low on fat, but rich in fiber, which would keep you full. In the process, it minimizes the calorie-intake of the individuals.

GM Diet Day 2 (Vegetables):

On the second day of your gm diet plan for 7 days, you need to consume vegetables.

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  • Breakfast: A baked potato or a sweet potato.
  • Snack: One bowl of cabbage, or gm diet cabbage soup.
  • Lunch: Have a mixed salad, containing cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots.
  • Snack: Raw or steamed broccoli (1 bowl).
  • Dinner: One bowl of arugula or kale with asparagus.
  • After Dinner: Sliced cucumber (1 bowl).

In order to enhance the taste, you may cook these vegetables, or consume them directly, if possible. However, do not use any kind of oil while preparing these dishes. However, you may use olive oil or butter, if necessary, but in low quantities.

Consuming vegetables would replenish your body with nutrients, helping you sustain yourself. You may also consume peas for proteins, potatoes for carbs, and beans and carrots for fiber. Since you do not intake many carbs on the first day, this diet would replenish your system with energy. Make sure not to consume any fruit on the second day.

GM Diet Day 3 (Fruit and Vegetables):

The third day of your Indian gm diet should include only fruits and vegetables. However, make sure not to consume potatoes and bananas.

  • Breakfast: Have half a bowl of muskmelon.
  • Snack: Have a pear or pineapple or a bowl of cherry tomatoes.
  • Lunch: A mixed salad would be great, including lettuce, spinach, capsicum, and cucumber.
  • Snack: Have lemon juice (one glass), adding a pinch of salt, along with a half cup of sliced carrots.
  • Dinner: Have a kale salad along with cucumbers and carrots, along with strawberries (one bowl).
  • After Dinner: An apple or cucumber would do.

By the third day, you would be halfway down the week. The body, around this time, would start adjusting to the fresh diet plan. After consuming fruits and vegetables for a day each, your system would welcome a combination of both on the third day. You would benefit from high protein and fiber content from the mentioned items.

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GM Diet Day 4 (Bananas and Milk):

On the fourth day of your gm diet, you should not consume any fruits or vegetables. However, bananas find a way into the diet plan on this day, along with milk. However, you may drink gm diet soup on this day.

  • Breakfast: One glass of milk along with two bananas.
  • Snack: Have a smoothie containing skim milk and banana.
  • Lunch: Have a bowl of wonder soup or milkshake with cocoa powder (1 glass).
  • Snack: 2 bananas would do, or you may go for another smoothie containing skim milk and banana.
  • Dinner: Have a glass of milk along with a banana.
  • After Dinner: Wonder soup.

Consuming bananas would enhance your digestion process since they are high in pectin content. Besides, it would strengthen your body, providing it with the necessary energy. Bananas also contain low salt content and have a high amount of potassium. Milk, too, contains lots of calcium and potassium. The Vitamin D content would strengthen your bones.

GM Diet Day 5 (Meat or Beef):

If you are following the gm diet non-veg plan, you should consume fish, beef, or meat on the fifth day (20 ounces). However, if you are following the vegetarian gm diet plan, you can substitute meat with brown rice or cottage cheese.

  • Breakfast: Meat serving (5-6 oz) along with two tomatoes (whole).
  • Lunch: Meat serving (7-8 oz) along with two tomatoes (whole).
  • Snack: Tomato juice or wonder soup.
  • Dinner: Meat serving (5-6 oz) along with two tomatoes (whole).

Your body would require additional water content when you follow the non-veg plan. Therefore, you need to consume 4 cups of extra water on this day.

Gm Diet Chart Day 1 To Day 7

GM Diet Day 6 (Meat and Vegetables):

On the sixth day, the gm diet recipes include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Along with 20 ounces of fish/meat/beef, you need to consume raw or cooked vegetables. However, avoid tomatoes or potatoes on this day. For gm diet weight loss, vegetarians should replace the meat content with cottage cheese or brown rice.

  • Breakfast: Meat serving (5-6 oz) along with one bowl of vegetables.
  • Snack: Half a cup of veggies and half a cup of brown rice.
  • Lunch: Meat serving (7-8 oz) along with one bowl of vegetables.
  • Snacks: Have a cup of cucumber slices.
  • Dinner: Meat serving (5-6 oz) along with one bowl of winder soup.

Make sure to boil the vegetables and do not fry them.

GM Diet Day 7 (Fruits, Vegetables and Rice):

  • Breakfast: One glass of apple or orange juice.
  • Lunch: Have a glass of fruit juice (sugar-free) along with a bowl of brown rice.
  • Snacks: Citrus fruits, berries, or wonder soup.
  • Dinner: One bowl of GM soup.

Now, you have the 7-day gm diet plan for weight loss. You may include, exclude or substitute certain items as per your requirements or lifestyle. In case you are a non-vegetarian, you need to exercise during your gm diet.

How to Prepare Your GM Diet Soup?

During the gm diet week, you may feel hungry, as the food intake is relatively lesser. From time to time, you can have the gm diet tomato soup, which constitutes an integral part of this plan. On any given day, you can take this soup in higher quantities.


  • Three tomatoes of medium size
  • One cabbage
  • Two green peppers
  • Six onions of large size
  • Half liter of water
  • Celery (a bunch)


  • At the outset, chop down the peppers and onions. Sauté these pieces in olive oil after placing them in a pot and wait until the colour turns light brown.
  • Chop down the celery, cabbage, and tomatoes and insert them into the pot.
  • Pour the water and wait until it gets cooked. It would take approximately an hour for the soup to get cooked. Simmer the vegetables after boiling them and season the soup with pepper and salt.
  • Preparing your gm diet soup is as easy as this!

Side Effects of GM Diet:

Although the GM diet has gained popularity over the world, it has some side effects. Before you start following this diet chart, you should consider the gm diet plan side effects.

  • Although the gm diet results show up within a week, it causes weight loss too quickly. The carb, protein and fat contents are low, but it is high in fiber. This might cause a deficit of the necessary nutrients to the body.
  • It may cause headaches, hunger pangs, and weakness in some instances.
  • At times, it leads to the slowing down of metabolism in your body. Initially, it might not affect your weight, and you might find it challenging to maintain the same.
  • For metabolism, your body would be using up all the available fluids, leading to dehydration.
  • It might lead to fatigue or stiffness in your muscles.
  • It may affect your fitness and performance
  • Failure to take the right food may cause you to gain more weight than you lose in the process.

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How Beneficial is the GM Diet for You?

Many health enthusiasts try out this diet, knowing that the gm diet weight loss results show up pretty fast. However, you need to take certain precautions. During periods, the gm diet would not be suitable for you.

You might consider sticking to your gm diet for diabetic, as it is low on sugar content. However, it might not be suitable for everybody, and you need to consult your physician before opting for a round if Gm diet. In specific individuals, it might cause deficiency. In these cases, it would be wise to undergo a series of Gm diet and then stick to your regular diet for another ten days before trying out another round. The gm diet reviews mostly look positive, indicating that most people have benefited from this plan.

For people looking for a quick hack to lose weight without dedicating much time, this plan may work out well. You might come across many gm diet success stories, indicating how good it can be for losing weight. However, the overall impact depends on how strictly you stick to the diet plans.

In a nutshell, gm diet would prove efficient in controlling your weight, given that you can balance your lifestyle and eating habits without getting affected.

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