Explained: Grievance with private hospital's COVID bill? Here's what you can do

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  24 Aug 2020 11:30 AM GMT
Explained: Grievance with private hospitals COVID bill? Heres what you can do

Hyderabad: Multiple cases are being reported in the city where COVID-19 patients admitted to private hospitals are being overcharged for treatment. This ranges from private hospital staff violating the cap put forth by the state government on treatment charges for Covid patients, or paying an excessive amount for medicines.

Several cases in super speciality hospitals like Yashoda, Continental, Medicover, and Sunshine, including several others have come to light, where citizens are being forced to pay an excessive amount for Covid-19 treatment.

We bring to you three ways in which you can file complaints and seek for a probable action on the hospital that may be harassing patients for extra golden pennies.

1. Register a complaint with the Telangana Government

Upon directions of the Telangana High Court, the state government set up a helpline number for citizens who were experiencing issues with the treatment provided by private hospitals.

As a result of several complaints of overcharging, the Deccan Hospital and Virinchi Hospital had their license to treat COVID patients suspended early August.

You can register a complaint by calling 104

or send a Whatsapp message on 9154170960

2. Register a complaint with the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority

NPPA is a government regulatory body that looks over the pricing of drugs and medicines in the country. Vijay Gopal, a Hyderabad based social activist, has previously filed a complaint against Yashoda Hospital, Medicover Hospital, and Care Hospital for overcharging Covid-19 patients. He received a response from the statutory body, and the case is currently being investigated.

To file the complaint, log on to NPPA's official website

or call their COVID control room helpline number on 1800111255

You can also mail them with your complaint on monitoring-nppa@gov.in

3. File a complaint with the consumer forum

In a case where you want to demand a full refund from the hospital, you can file a complaint with the National Consumer Helpline

You can call to register your grievance 1800-11-4000 or 14404. You can even register your grievance online, or through the NCH application. Upon registration, you will be immediately reverted with your docket number.

As for cases where there is aid required when the treatment is ongoing, citizens can contact the police directly. "Citizens who undergo extreme forms of harassment by private hospitals can always call up the local police station and ask them to take action. We, as a people, need to build a system where hospitals are held responsible for their actions while treatment is going on," says activist Vijay Gopal.

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