A Muslim boy was beaten in Ghaziabad for entering a Hindu Temple. The video of him being thrashed had gone viral on social media. Police later arrested the main accused.

However, few images are in circulation on social media with the claim that that the victim was serving water to passengers traveling in trains. But he was beaten harshly for entering the temple to quench his thirst. Few other graphical images of a minor boy severely beaten up were also shared along with this claim

Here is the shared claim:

#Asif got beaten up while drinking water in the temple to quench his thirst only for being a Muslim. Asif was the one who quenched the thirst of thousands of thirsty people (irrespective of all caste-religion) during lockdown. Because he knows ` Man is truth above all, not above that!!' Because Islam doesn't teach cruelty, it teaches humanity. (sic)."

This claim has also been shared in Bengali too.

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Fact Check:

The first image shows kids supplying water to the train passengers. This image is NOT recent. Plus the boy thrashed in Ghaziabad is not in the image.


It was shared in a Tamil blogpost in May 2016. This image was also shared on a meme platform too.


This claim that the image shows kids supplying water to migrant workers was debunked by Newsmeter in May 2020.


The other two images showing the injuries do not relate to the Ghaziabad incident. When these images were searched using Google reverse image search, we found that they are from an incident that took place in October 2020. This incident took place in AL Mnahwit Governorate, Yemen, when a young boy was beaten severely by his father. This was reported by crater news, a Yemeni website.


This was also debunked by Newsmeter on March 16, 2021.


Therefore, several old and unrelated images are being falsely linked to the Ghaziabad incident. The claim is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Images of Muslim boy was beaten in Ghaziabad
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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