Baby Care Brands: 10 Names You can Trust in India!

In this article, we have listed 10 best baby product brands in India to help you choose the right one for your little baby!

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 Jan 2021 4:52 AM GMT
Baby Care Brands: 10 Names You can Trust in India!
Can you ever imagine buying a local, unbranded item for your baby? No way! We are ready to shell out a few extra bucks to buy nothing but the best for our precious bundle of joy. But, with so many baby care product brands in the market, how do you decide on just one? Should you go for a brand you already tried before or experiment with a new one that is getting rave reviews from other parents? Relax!

Instead of listening to a zillion recommendations, you can get to know about each of these top baby product brands to identify the right one for your requirements!

10 Best Baby Product Brands in India:

Here are 10 popular brands in India that offer some of the best quality baby products:

1. Johnson's Baby:

Johnson's baby is an American company that has gradually turned into a house hold name in Indian since the 1960's. The brand is renowned for creating pure and gentle personal care products for infants and toddlers, which range from powders, creams and oils to baby wipes. The "No More Tears" segment has become quite popular for its chemical free formula to prevent damaging the sensitive organs of a baby !The soothing scent of these products has become a trademark identify of this brand which even adults enjoy sniffing it.

2. Pigeon:

Pigeon is one of India's most popular baby care brands, which offers a variety of feeding and personal care products under one roof. Pigeon is originally a Japanese company which designed artificial nippes for babies who did not have access to breast milk. Slowly, the brand introduced a myriad products including bottles, wipes, cotton swabs, detergents, pacifiers etc. Each product passes through stringent testing to ensure they are safe and gentle on babies.

3. Huggies:

Disposable diapers are very important to keep the child dry and comfortable for long. However, the fear of diaper-rash pushes many parents into confusion of "Diaper? Or No Diaper?"! With the revolutionary bubble bed technology and cottony soft diapers from Huggies, you can put all your worries to rest. Rated as India's one of the best diaper brands, Huggies offers five different types of diapers in all sizes ranging from newborn to XL, along with chemical-free gentle baby wipes.

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4. Pampers:

Another best-rated diaper brand in India is Pampers. Many parents trust this America-based company for its range of super-soft, premium care diapers to minimize the risk of rashes and itching. The brand caters from age group 0 – 12+ months and each variety caters to the child's specific growing needs. Apart from diapers, Pampers also offers gentle wipes enriched with natural ingredients to suit the baby's delicate skin.

5. Chicco:

Chicco is an international baby care brand that is a part of the Artsana Group of Italy. The company offers anything and everything that a child needs, right from personal hygiene products to strollers and safety seats. Chicco has earned good ratings from many parents for their gentle and innovative products. It even offers a wide range of maternity products to ensure a safe and comfortable pregnancy. Do check out their travel-friendly equipment like bottle warmers, sterilizers which can be quite useful during long journeys.

6. Mothercare:

Mothercare is a British brand that operates in India through retail and online stores. It offers a wide range of maternity and baby care products, including clothing, appliances, personal care products, furniture and accessories. The brand is associated with exclusivity and luxury, making it very popular with the new generation parents. You can be assured of their premium quality products, which of course, come with a higher price tag.

7. Himalaya Baby Care:

Himalaya is an Indian brand that offers safe and gentle ayruvedic formulations for babies. The products are free from harsh chemicals and contain only 100% safe herbal active ingredients. You can get a wide range of skincare products like soaps, shampoos, massage oil, moisturizing cream, diaper rash creams, wipes etc. which are reasonably priced.The brand also offers gift packs that contain all the essential products to kickstart parenthood!

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8. Mamaearth:

Mamaearth is a "Made in India" brand which aims to offer toxin free products that safe for kids and the planet too! It is also the first Made-Safe certified brand in Asia which promises to keep little babies away from dangerous chemicals. All of Mamaearth's products contain certified ingredients that guarantee safety. The products cover all of your babycare needs, which range from bath soaps to oral care, diapers, mosquito repellents, and shampoos.

9. Biotique Baby:

Biotique is an ayurvedic baby skin and hair care brand whose formulations are free from chemicals and preservatives. The packaging deserves a special mention as all bottles are made from recycled materials and feature popular Disney characters. The brand offers fragrant bubble baths, creams, lotions and even sunscreen enriched with natural ingredients. Did we mention that the entire product range is cruelty-free?

10. MeeMee:

MeeMee is an Indian brand that offers premium baby care products at affordable pricing. It offers a huge variety of products which range from bath and skin care to diapering, nursing, toys and safety equipment. Safety is the ultimate priority of this baby care brand and every product is tailored to suit the needs of a growing child. Walk into any MeeMee retail store and we guarantee you will not come out empty-handed!

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So, which one of these is your favorite baby products brand? Do you prefer any international name or Indian? Also, if you have any other brand that offers best baby care products, do let us know. We'd be happy to add it to the list.
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