Top 10 Educational Apps for Kids in India, 2021

Educational Apps for Kids in India: These 10 Educational apps enable better learning experiences for kids on their smartphones.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  30 Jan 2021 11:38 AM GMT
best educational apps for kids
With internet made accessible to everyone, even in rural places, learning hasn't stopped even during the lockdown period. Apart from attending online classes, children are also seeking help from mobile apps to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject and simplify their learning experience. Books are slowly getting replaced by interactive online educational games and quizzes which makes remembering concepts easier than ever before.

If you want to introduce your children to a digitalized education that goes beyond remote classrooms, then we highly recommend you to try these Top 10 Educational Apps for kids!

Top 10 Educational Apps for Children, India:

Here are 10 innovative smartphone apps which makes their screen time valuable and educational:

1. Kiddopia:

Kiddopia is thebest educational app for toddlers which covers a variety of subjects like English, maths, science and memory games. The highly-attractive visuals and carefully curated content making learning an enjoyable activity. The course is designed by parents and teachers to cater to the learning needs of pre-schoolers and teach them in a manner that they can easily grasp. The app offers many fun games like phonics, draw the alphabets, match shadows, counting etc. to improve their cognitive and memory skills.

Note: It is a paid app with anytime cancellation and available in Android and iStore.

2. Teach Your Monster To Read:

Teach your Monster to Read is one of the best educational apps for kids which helps them learn English language through colorful and interactive games. The app features many friendly monsters who will help the child practice the basics of the language and progress to advanced concepts by crossing each level. From identifying letters to learning the sounds and right pronunciation keys of the words, Teach Your Monster To Read offers a holistic way to learn the language confidently. It is ideal for Toddlers, pre-schoolers, Kindergarten and Primary school students.

Note: Free trial with 100 INR Paid Subscription. Available in istore and Android.

3. King of Maths:

King of Maths is a free educational app for children aged between 6-12 years. The app introduces the basic concepts of mathematics in a unique and fun manner. It is designed a game set in the medieval period with kings, queens, rewards and medals. The idea is to drive away the fear of Mathematics and instill confidence in the kids. The basic content available in this app is counting, addition and mixed puzzles. Next level content is available in paid versions.

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Note: Available in iStore and Android.

4. ScratchJr:

ScratchJr is a free coding app for kids aged between 5-7 years. The app encourages children to start learning the coding process from an early age. The highly interactive UI of this app simplifes the process of analysing, designing, and implementing a program. Once children get a hang of it, they can design their own games and characters which motivates them to explore this field furthermore. Key takeaways from this educational app are problem-solving, sequencing and prioritizing when can help them in their academics and everyday life!
Note: Available in iStore and Android.

5. NSF Science Zone:

Keep your child engaged in the fantastic world of science with the NSF Science Zone. Designed by the National Science Foundation, Science Zone offers hundreds of high resolution videos and 3D visuals on the latest scientific discoveries and innovations happening around the world. Children can search and browse videos that match their area of interest like physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy & space etc. and get upto date information. This best science educational app is suitable for children aged above 6 years.

Note: Available in iStore and Android.

6. QuickMath:

If your child is struggling to cope with mathematical problems and equations, try QuickMath educational app. The content is designed like a fun game which is filled with general additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. The app is ideal for students studying in grades 2 to 6 and has a kid-friendly UI. The best part in this app is that children can share their score with peers and friends and challenge them. This way, they can get into a healthy competition and use their time wisely.

Note: Available in iStore and Android. Has in-app purchases.

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7. Google Arts and Culture:

With the new Google arts and culture app, children will not miss going on on field trips and excursions. The free educational app from Google offers virtual tours to 1200 famous museums and art galleries of the world. They can observe their favorite paintings and artifacts closely and learn more than they would on a personal tour. The app has some wonderful features like street view of the famous landmarks, virtual reality tours of museums, 360 degree videos, art projector and art selfie that discovers arts which resemble the user.

Note: Available on Playstore.

8. Spelling Stage:

Spelling stage is an educative app designed for children aged above 4 years to improve spelling aptitude. The app has interactive spelling games in which kids can enroll for a virtual spell bee competition and beat your opponents. The 3D touch feature of this game allows you to choose from multiple characters and challenge them to a spell test. As the game advances, the levels get harder enabling even adults to take part and test their spelling knowledge.

Note: Available on iStore. Free trial with in-app purchases.

9. Simply Piano:

If you agree that education is not restricted to academics alone and also involves other activities like music, Simply Piano is a must-try app for you! The app is a best alternative to an expensive piano instrument and has all the features you need to learn it. It is beginner-friendly which offers a step-by-step music sheet. It can even be synced with an MIDI piano and get instant feedback on your finger movements. This educational music app is suitable for kids of all ages and even adults.

Note: Available on iStore and Playstore. Free trial with in-app purchases.

10. Kahoot:

Kahoot is a free educational app that enables virtual group studies. The app allows you to create a group and add your friends or "Kahoots" who must be app users too. You can choose a subject, study it and host a game where the group members can compete with one another. The app offers plenty of flashcards and practice sessions to prepare you before challenging your mates. This is an innovative idea in these times when children cannot meet each other personally.

Note: Available on iStore and Playstore. Free trial with in-app purchases.

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Those are some of the best educational apps for kids that enable continuous learning at home. They enable better utilization of their smartphones and spend their free time productively instead of just watching videos or chatting with friends. So, have you tried any of these apps before? If yes, what are your experiences?
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