'Kongunadu Legendary Cuisine': Hyderabad's foodies have a new address

Kongunadu aims to boast of fertile soil, vibrant textile industries, and a cultural heritage steeped in culinary traditions

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  27 Jan 2024 10:30 AM GMT
Kongunadu Legendary Cuisine: Hyderabads foodies have a new address

Hyderabad: For those seeking culinary diversity beyond Telugu cuisine, the recently opened `Kongunadu Legendary Cuisine’ beckons with flavors from the Kongu belt, a region known as `nectar land’ in Tamil for its abundance and richness.

Geographically spanning western Tamil Nadu, including districts like Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode, Salem, Namakkal, Karur, and parts of Dindigul and Krishnagiri, Kongunadu aims to boast of fertile soil, vibrant textile industries, and a cultural heritage steeped in culinary traditions.

Stepping into Kongunadu Legendary Cuisine is akin to embarking on a gastronomic journey. The interiors, adorned with colorful Kondapalli dolls, feature stone carvings depicting rustic villages and temple sites of South India. Traditional casework wooden upholstery adds to the nostalgic ambiance of a typical South Indian dining area.

The menu presents a variety of local items, ranging from layered flatbreads (parota), dosas, chicken fry, lentil-based stew (sambhar), and biryanis, to horse gram soup (rasam), seafood, and coconut pudding (payasam). The Mokkajonna Vada, a deep-fried vada made of black gram batter and stuffed with sweet corn, makes for a crispy start complemented by mint chutney.

The Parota with Chicken curry stands out as a main course, with succulent chicken pieces in flavorful curry paired with flaky, crispy parotta. Other options include Parota with Mutton Chukka, Veg Korma, Mutton Curry, and Talakaya Curry, offering a culinary trail down south.

No food journey is complete without biryani, and the special Kongu Mutton Biryani delivers umami notes of red meat. Rice lovers can indulge in steamed rice with Kongu Fish Curry, a thick gravy dish with a tangy taste from tamarind, creating a beautiful medley of aromatics and spices.

The special thalis, featuring prawns, lentils, beetroot, chicken, mutton, and fish dishes, offer a majestic affair. Notably, all offerings, from soups to combos, maintain rich flavors without overpowering spiciness, distinguishing the restaurant from Telugu dine-ins.

The grand finale of Payasam, a pudding-like dessert with thin vermicelli slow-cooked in milk, presents a thick and creamy texture garnished with nuts—a delightful conclusion to the culinary journey at Kongunadu Legendary Cuisine.

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