Henna for Hand: 25 Different Simple Hand Mehndi Designs for Beginners

Are you looking for easy mehndi designs for hands? We have covered 25 different henna patterns for two hands.

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Henna for Hand: 25 Different Simple Hand Mehndi Designs for Beginners

With your family member's or best friend's wedding fast approaching and so much more to do, you are likely to get into a panic mode, are you? Well, while you sort out the other things like your outfits, venue, menu, guest list, we will help you with something more important – The Mehndi! After all, no wedding is complete without the womenfolk adorning their hands with beautiful Mehndi patterns.

In this article, we have collected 25 Simple Mehndi designs for hands which are a perfect blend of traditions and modernity. Along with family weddings, they also work well for festivals like Karva Chauth, Diwali, etc., when you want to quickly make a beautiful mehndi pattern on your hands without much effort.

25 Latest Mehndi Designs for Hands:

We have covered all possible designs and patterns of simple hand Mehndi for women

1. The Split Heart Mehndi Design:

Take a look at this beautiful mehndi design for hands which is perfect for this wedding season. The theme is a split heart that looks complete when the two palms are joined together. The motif symbolizes two separate souls unified with the bond of love and marriage. You can use spirals, lines and simple geometric patterns to fill the remaining area.

2. Modern Floral Mehndi Design for Both Hands:

If you don't have the time for elaborate patterns, yet want achieve a grand look, then here is one idea for you. Firstly, making markings on the hand using lines or curves. The pick a simple floral pattern and draw the halves on the sides of your hands. Use a set of mehndi motifs likes zigzag lines,dots etc. to fill in the remaining area.

3. Checks and Flowers Mehndi on Two Hands:

Take your love for geometrical patterns to a whole new level using this henna design for both the hands. The fingers are adorned with an intricate mesh pattern that can be achieved by drawing crisscross lines with dots. You can decorate it further with small lines and beaded patterns. The central piece is the circular mandala which can be done by filling concentric circles.

4. Quirky Mehndi Pattern for Back of Hands:

In a mood to try something fun and unusual? Then, try this unique back hand mehndi pattern that is totally beginner-friendly! Draw some outlines in different shapes and fill them with straight lines, dots and curves. Keep the motifs in thin lines for a highly detailed look. Also, go for totally different designs on the two hands for a quirky look.

5. Pakistani Mehndi Design for Back of Hands:

Pakistani mehndi designs are usually quite elaborate and need some practice to master it. However, if you are beginner like us, then try this pattern of curvy lines and small floral patterns. Depending on your taste, you can either keep it minimal or extend the design upto the fingers, wrist and the forearm.

6. Mesh Mehndi Pattern For Back of Hands:

This unique mehndi on back of the hand tricks your eyes like no other! The jail or mesh pattern creates the illusion of wearing netted gloves. You can recreate this design by drawing a simple mandala pattern on the center and surround it with an intricately done netted pattern. Decorate your fingers with solid and dotted design.

7. Geometric Mehndi for Right Hand:

If you can draw straight lines using a Mehndi cone, this design should be a cakewalk for you! The geometrical pattern can be created by divided your palms into small sections of various shapes and sizes. Fill them with lines, florals, curves and other abstract motifs. Highlight the borders using thick lines and dots.

8. Arabic Style Mehndi for Right Hand:

Arabic mehndi designs are usually heavy and feature a lot of floral, geometric patterns. If you are newbie, just go for a simple leafy trail diagonally on your palm. You can choose to keep the unused space empty or fill it with this easy jail pattern.To extend it, draw simple motifs on the fingers and the wrist.

9. Tribal Upper Hand Mehndi Design:

A lot of people prefer adding an edgy look to their traditional mehndi design. This tribal pattern is one such idea to break the monotony of florals and paisleys. Use sharp lines and dots to create a base pattern. Now, fill some area with solid mehndi and go for a combination of thick and thin lines. Also, you can keep the design on the upper palm, leaving the lower half empty.

10. Beautiful Floral Mehndi for Left Hand:

You can never go wrong with florals, can you? This artistic mehndi design for hands is no exception. First draw 3 to 4 medium sized flowers by drawing the circular center and petals around it. Now, use your creativity to connect these floral patterns by using a mix of leaves, spirals, curves and dots.

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11. Lovely Peacock Mehndi Design:

One of the most popular hand mehndi designs is a Peacock pattern. There are many ways to do it, but this pattern is quite easy for a beginner. First create an outline of the body and the feathers of the bird. Fill it with traditional peacock motifs and pay attention to details like the crown, eyes and beak for a realistic look.

12. Moroccan Mehndi Design for Left Hand:

If you want to try something more interesting, try Moroccan mehndi patterns. Luckily, they are not as complicated as they appear to be. You can recreate this pattern using inverted squares on the center of the palm and fill them with basic patterns like curves and dots. On the fingers, try the spiral design for an intricate look.

13. Single Line Mehndi for Back Hand:

When it comes to applying Mehndi, "less is more" is always better. Not only does it save time, but also involves less effort. This is why single line mehndi designs are so popular with young girls. You can easily do it to by applying a thin, straight line as a base and fill it with simple patterns like circles, flowers and leaves.

14. Jewellery Mehndi Design for Back Hand:

Jewellery Mehndi designs are a super hit at every Mehndi party. They are very easy to make and the end result can be sensational. You can try this design by drawing basic outlines on the hand and filling them with tightly packed floral motifs. Make tiny beads using the Mehndi cone to mimic a haath phool design.

15. Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design:

Mandala designs are intricate and have a lot of symbolic importance to them. The best part is that you can use a lot of interesting motifs and patterns to design something very unique for yourself. Create a basic outline of concentric circles and keep filling them. Lastly, thicken the lines to make them look more appealing.

16. Arm Cuff Mehndi Design on Back Wrist:

Wrist mehndi designs are extensions of jewelry patterns that mimic a real bracelet or a handcuff. The idea is to create the right impact using minimal work. Seen here is one such arm cuff mehndi design that features simple motifs like criss-cross lines, circles, dots and flowers. Don't you love this idea more than the real jewellery?

17. Heart Style Wrist Mehndi Design:

This cute heart mehndi design is a great way to declare your love for someone without being too obvious! Instead of a solid outline, you can try this eye-catchy pattern using spirals. Finish it with a generous dose of a dots for a pixie dust look. Lastly, add a border on the wrist to make it look alluring.

18. Bracelet Wrist Mehndi Design:

Decorate your wrist using this stunning bracelet inspired design and earn tons of compliments. This seemingly complicated hand mehndi design is actually quite simple to make. Just draw some outlines to represent the branches and fill them with loads of tiny leaves. Use delicate lines to connect them and form a cohesive piece.

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19. Paisley Side Hand Mehndi Design:

No Mehndi party is complete without atleast one woman choosing the classic Paisley pattern! Here is one such idea which is done on the side of the palm. The easy mehndi design features a combination of paisleys, florals and leaves. The outline is also decorated with small detailing like dots and strokes for a perfect finish.

20. Statement Mehndi Design on Center Finger:

Here is a design that is sure to catch the attention of young fashionistas! The stylish mehndi design is inspired by the traditional Haath Phool jewel that decorates the back of your hand. Just draw a patten on the center and extend it to the middle finger. Keep the rest of the area, including the other four fingers empty.

21. Chain Style Floral Mehndi Pattern:

This mehndi idea is another interpretation of the jewellery style designs. To recreate this one, just draw floral patterns on the side of the palm, all the way up to the index finger. Keep them tightly packed to create an intricate look. Now use the sharp tip of your cone to make those henna beads.

22. Thick Strokes Mehndi Pattern on Back Side:

Thick strokes are not only easy to make, but also create a beautiful output. You can first create a basic pattern of your choice from the wrist and extend it to a single finger. Give a touch of henna to the rest of your fingers using a small leaf pattern. Fill all the leaves and dots with solid mehndi to make a statement.

23. Butterfly Baby Mehndi Design:

Give your little one her own wings to fly with this pretty butterfly mehndi design. All it needs is a basic butterfly outline and some simple motifs to fill in. Decorate the tiny fingers using delicate floral patterns and watch your girl go buzzing with excitement. You can even draw some birds and leaves to make it a complete garden.

24. Basic Floral Mehndi on Palms:

Here is another easy mehndi that will hardly take you a few minutes to recreate. Just draw a circular floral pattern on the center of your palm and decorate it with small flowers. You can also add some leaves and buds to make a beautiful bouquet. Just keep the rest of your palm empty, so you can highlight this art.

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25. Lower Hand Mehndi Design:

This mehndi design is easy peasy which even beginners can attempt without much worry! The pattern is done on the lower end of the palm. It features a floral pattern around which small flowers, leaves, paisleys and dots are added. Try this minimalistic mehndi design for simple festive events.

We hope you loved this collection of simple mehndi designs for hands. Before you attempt them, we recommend you to practice the basic strokes on a paper using the mehndi cone. Once you are confident, you can unleash your magic on the hands. Do you have any more such easy, beginner-friendly designs? If yes, do share them with us!

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