'Tabula Rasa Alfresco Bar': Hyderabad's new go-to place where art meets flavor

With the recent opening of its second branch in Nanakaramguda, Tabula Rasa continues to elevate the culinary scene in Hyderabad

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  21 Oct 2023 11:30 AM GMT
Tabula Rasa Alfresco Bar:  Hyderabads new go-to place where art meets flavor

Hyderabad: Nestled in the heart of Hyderabad, Tabula Rasa Alfresco Bar has emerged as a beacon of culinary excellence, artistic expression, and exquisite ambiance. In a city that appreciates the finer things in life, this restaurant offers a delightful fusion of delectable cuisine, exotic beverages, and live music gigs, setting the stage for unforgettable dining experiences.

A Fusion of Art and Gastronomy

The name "Tabula Rasa" itself evokes a sense of fresh beginnings and artistic expression. True to its name, Tabula Rasa Alfresco Bar takes the concept of dining to a whole new level. It's not just a place to savor exceptional food; it's an establishment that celebrates art and creativity. With the recent opening of its second branch in Nanakaramguda, Tabula Rasa continues to elevate the culinary scene in Hyderabad, and we couldn't resist the temptation to pay a visit and explore what they have to offer.

Ambiance that Speaks Volumes

What sets Tabula Rasa Alfresco Bar apart is its commitment to creating an unforgettable ambiance. The restaurant aims to recreate a courtyard-style setting, reminiscent of traditional Indian households, but with a modern and upscale twist. As you step in, you're presented with a choice between open-air and indoor dining experiences, each offering its unique charm.

The magic happens when you look around and notice the deliberate infusion of an earthy sensibility into the restaurant's architecture. Warm brown wooden chairs elegantly complement the cool grey walls, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Lush green trees surround the space, providing a refreshing splash of greenery, making it the ideal setting for a memorable dining experience.

A Culinary Journey

The multi-cuisine menu at Tabula Rasa Alfresco Bar is a testament to its commitment to providing a unique dining experience. Our culinary adventure began with the Pongal Arancini, a fusion delight featuring Arborio rice balls stuffed with cheese. The Crispy Shrimp with pumpkin sauce was a tantalizing seafood treat, followed by the 3 Way Style Mushroom, a dim sum-like dish showcasing oysters, shiitake, and button mushrooms.

One of the culinary highlights was the Pulimanchi Fish wrapped in betel leaf, a culinary masterpiece that delighted the senses. The Godavri Mutton, cooked in traditional South Indian style, was a testament to the restaurant's authenticity and dedication to flavors.

From their Indian and Tandoori Fire section, we indulged in the Tandoori Soy Chaap, a North Indian delight stuffed with cheese and nuts, cooked to perfection in a tandoor. And let's not forget the Chicken Changezi Burger, a mouthwatering creation generously filled with succulent tandoori chicken.

A Place Where Art Meets Flavor

Shravan Juvvadi, the owner of Tabula Rasa, shared his vision for the restaurant, saying, "While music and art events have consistently been integral to our brand's identity, with our second outlet, we have placed an even greater emphasis on culinary delights." It's clear that Tabula Rasa Alfresco Bar is not just a place to dine; it's a canvas where art meets flavor, creating a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

In a city known for its appreciation of art and culture, Tabula Rasa Alfresco Bar stands out as a culinary gem that seamlessly blends delectable cuisine, artistic expression, and a captivating ambiance. It's a testament to Hyderabad's evolving dining scene, where creativity and gastronomy come together to offer an unforgettable experience for all who step through its doors.

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